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The Models

NSight is built around a set of models that represent your computer and network resources. Unlike typical analytical and simulation models, these models forecast future demand for the resource, rather than predicting system performance against workload and configuration changes. One or all of the models might be used depending on the mission. All of the models share the following characteristics:

  • Begin with a baseline of current utilization
  • Customized and tailored for your environment
  • Predict demand for up to 6 future periods (usually calendar or fiscal quarters)
  • Based on Key Business Indicators
  • Categorize usage by application, business unit, or any appropriate grouping or level of detail
  • Function with metrics appropriate for the resource
  • Profile usage by hour, by day, by week, by month, by period
  • Identify and focus peak periods (hour, day, week, etc.)
  • Provide settings to account for behavioral and environmental changes by period
  • Allow all variables to be adjusted by period
  • Easily adapted to what-if scenarios
  • Produce consistent results
  • Prediction capability is calibrated to reality
  • Proven accuracy in the 90% range

The Data Network Model is used to represent data communication resources ranging from a single data circuit to a complete corporate wide area data network. This is a logical data traffic model that can be used as a basis for engineering physical networks. The model focuses on:

 Applications and business functions that generate data traffic
 Traffic entry points, communities, neighborhoods, and logical data paths
 Volume, timing, and distribution of traffic through the network

The Midrange Model is used to represent small to medium midrange platforms which are generally characterized by:

 Homogeneous applications
 Focused business functions
 Limited set of KBIs
 Typically a Unix or NT platform

The Enterprise Server aka Mainframe Model is used to represent large complex platforms such as classical mainframes or high-end midrange platforms that might exhibit the following:

 Many diverse applications & workloads
 Multiple business functions
 Diverse set of KBIs

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