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Pacific Reach offers a unique approach to resource management that can save you money and help improve your service levels. NSight Resource Management has been successfully applied at clients such as at The Gap, The Bank of Central Asia, Albertson’s/American Stores Company, Sun Microsystems, and The Federal Reserve Bank.

For over sixteen years we’ve been helping clients establish business level capacity planning, an approach that is today being recommended by the ITIL set of best practices concerning capacity management.

Innovations such as capacity-on-demand, hot upgrades, and virtualization are making it easier than ever to add, upgrade, and expand your computer and network resources. So easy that it's possible to lose sight of the fact that, in spite of continued price/performance improvements, these resources still cost real dollars. And these technical innovations do little to help you understand if and why you need more resources!

That's where we can help. Using NSight we can help you understand how your resources are being used, develop a forecast for future demand for those resources, and create a resource plan to ensure that you have the right resources in place at the right time. Too much resource too soon can cost a lot of money. Too little too late can cost even more.

We can add a new dimension to existing capacity planning efforts or we can help establish such efforts where none exist today. Either way, we can make a significant contribution to your ability to effectively manage your computer and network resources.

NSight is platform/vendor independent, addresses resources ranging from mainframes to servers to networks, and based on our Key Business Indicator methodology it's linked directly to your business plan. It will help you make the right resource decisions, thus ensuring that the return from your resource dollars is maximized.

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