Pacific Reach Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning & Resource Management


Is your increased demand offsetting improved price performance ratios?

Do you know how the increased demand relates to your business?

Do you know when and why you are making your next upgrade?

Have you just completed an upgrade only to learn that another one is now necessary?

Are business and technology plans outpacing your capacity plan?

Can you really afford to be wrong?


NSight & ITIL

Identify & profile resource usage

Quantify the usage in metrics that are measurable and understandable

Identify key Business Indicators (naturally occurring metrics that drive the resource usage)

Forecast future demand based on the Key Business Indicators

Size new and changed workloads to determine the impact on resource demand

Identify opportunities for platform consolidation & workload distribution

Expose key issues & alternatives

Generate a resource/capacity plan detailing the timing and deployment of assets


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